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  1. We combine all the available experimental information on B s mixing, including the very recent tagged analyses of B s Jϕ by the CDF and DØ c...

    Authors: Marcella Bona, Marco Ciuchini, Enrico Franco, Vittorio Lubicz, Guido Martinelli, Fabrizio Parodi, Maurizio Pierini, Carlo Schiavi, Luca Silvestrini, Viola Sordini, Achille Stocchi and Vincenzo Vagnoni
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2009 3:6
  2. This summary of the Workshop "Beyond the 3-generation SM in the LHC era" presents a brief discussion of the following four statements about the fourth generation: 1) It is not excluded by EW precision data; 2)...

    Authors: Bob Holdom, WS Hou, Tobias Hurth, Michelangelo L Mangano, Saleh Sultansoy and Gokhan Ünel
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2009 3:4
  3. We discuss the most important Physics thus far extracted from studies of B meson decays. Measurements of the four CP violating angles accessible in B decay are reviewed as well as direct CP violation. A detailed ...

    Authors: Marina Artuso, Elisabetta Barberio and Sheldon Stone
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2009 3:3
  4. The generalized Weinberg sum rules containing the difference of isovector vector and axial-vector spectral functions saturated by both finite and infinite number of narrow resonances are considered. We give a ...

    Authors: Sergey S Afonin
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2009 3:1
  5. A plasma focus device capable of operating at 0.2 pulses per second during several minutes is used as a source of hard x-rays and fast neutrons. An experimental demonstration of the use of the neutrons emissio...

    Authors: V Raspa, F Di Lorenzo, P Knoblauch, A Lazarte, A Tartaglione, A Clausse and C Moreno
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2008 2:5
  6. The aim of this paper is to check if the models with realistic inhomogeneous matter distribution and without cosmological constant can explain the dimming of the supernovae in such a way that it can be interpr...

    Authors: Krzysztof Bolejko
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2008 2:1
  7. The luminosity distance – redshift relation is analytically given for generalized Randall-Sundrum type II brane-world models containing Weyl fluid either as dark radiation or as a radiation field from the bran...

    Authors: Zoltán Keresztes, László Á Gergely, Botond Nagy and Gyula M Szabó
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2007 1:4
  8. A theory of gravitation is proposed, modeled after the notion of a Ricci flow. In addition to the metric an independent volume enters as a fundamental geometric structure. Einstein gravity is included as a limiti...

    Authors: Wolfgang Graf
    Citation: PMC Physics A 2007 1:3